This is very true. If we keep on doing things that we find them easy then it will only mean we will never do something worth mentioning and remembering.

There will always be distractions to lure you away from the path to your dreams.  Sometimes they come in a form of temptation, like “this is easier to do”, “this is more fun to do”, “let’s drop this bad idea and do something else”… and the list goes on.  Just stay focused and finish what we initially set off to do and get it done.


I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.

- Jeff Bezos

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Sometimes going slow is better than standing still. Baby steps are better than not taking any step forward. Find ways to encourage yourself even for a small progress or achievement as this is what you can do positively to push yourself towards your goal.

You Need 3Ds to Stay Focus

Sometimes to stay focus on your key tasks seem impossible or difficult especially when you are in your office, there will always be someone calling, email you, looking for you and need your attention to assist them in getting their things done.

You can now use the 3Ds to help you to achieve that :

Delegate It

If those tasks that require your attention are not your core skills, you should Delegate it to someone who is more well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve them.  In this way, you will free up more time to focus on your key tasks and at the same time, those tasks are in good hands and will probably be completed more effectively.

Defer It

Some tasks need to be completed but not right away, hence quickly identify which one of them does not require immediate attention and push it to a later time or date. I’m sure there will always be “urgent” requests or “ASAP” cases but still, you have to prioritized them.

Dump It

This may sound easy but in real life, it can be the most difficult thing to do.  Saying “No” to someone or rejecting a request needs a bit of courage and a clear mind.  We have to learn to say “No” to tasks or requests that are totally not related or will not contribute significantly to the progress of a development or project.  Saying “No” does give you more time to commit on those things that you said “Yes” to.

Now that you are able to classify your daily tasks into these "D"s then I would say you will certainly have more time to actually DO what you initially planned to do for your key tasks.

“The more we focus on a problem, the less we see the solutions.”